Where is registration?

At Corsham Rugby Club, Lacock Road, Corsham, SN13 9QG

What time is registration?

From 7.00am on Sunday 13th June 2021

What time do the rides start? 

The Lion – 8.00am
The Springbok – 9.00am

The Wallaby – 10.00am

What facilities are at the venue?

There will be plenty of WCs provided as well as showering and changing facilities. We cannot however offer secure bag storage.

Is there parking?

There will be plenty of off-road free car parking at the venue.

Are there any refreshments available?

Yes – in addition pit-stops on the various routes there will be a variety of hot and cold food, soft drinks and bars provided as part of the event.

If I bring a non cycling friend / family member will there be anything for them to do? 

Yes – In addition to the sportive we are organising a family fun day at Corsham RFC with lots of entertainment and refreshments throughout the day. Full details will be available on the website when confirmed.

Is the event on open roads?

Yes – all the roads you ride on will be open roads, so you must always adhere to the highway code.

Will the event be timed? 

Yes – Every competitor will have a ‘chip’ which is to be stuck on the left-hand side of their cycle helmet.

Will the route be signed? 

A Yes – all routes will have signage, please take special notice (there will be marshals) at points where routes split (Lion & Springbok) to ensure you don’t end up on the wrong route. 

Where are the pitstops?

Lion Route:

Springbok Route:

Wallaby Route:

Can a group of us ride together?

Yes – riders will start in groups of about 15-20. If you want to ride in a specific group, please gather away from the start line and then arrive at the start line together. We don’t want people waiting at the start line for other group members as this will cause a blockage.

Can I use an e-bike? 

Absolutely – any roadworthy bike is acceptable. We’d rather have you out in the fresh air than sitting at home watching TV!

Do I have to wear a cycle helmet? 

Yes – no helmet no ride!

Thank you to our event sponsors

Thank you to our event sUPPORTERS